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Lady and the Dukes benefit from a rich musical background, the quirky live band's vintage experience and the band's collective talent make them a unique and exciting choice for weddings and events, providing a memorable and distinctive musical experience for their audiences. 


Lewis Harding on guitar, Rob "Duke" Henderson on piano, The talented and beautiful Lauren Ross on vocals, Matt "Earl" Grey on double bass, and the esteemed Rod Coombes on drums creates a unique blend of musical styles and backgrounds.

Lauren Ross, the beautiful lead singer of Lady and the Dukes. Her qualities as an amazing singer, great front personality, and theatrical performer highlight her ability to captivate and engage audiences. Lauren has been described as a wonderful, experienced and versatile performer. Lauren's understanding of classic tunes and the historical context of the music she performs contributes to the authenticity and uniqueness of Lady and the Dukes' performances.

Rod Coombes

It's fantastic to see Rod Coombes as the drummer for Lady and the Dukes. His extensive professional journey in the music industry, starting with The Luvvers and moving on to iconic groups like the Jeff Beck Group, Stealers Wheel, and Strawbs, reflects a remarkable career.

Rod's experience with such diverse bands indicates a high level of versatility and adaptability to different musical genres. The fact that he played a role in the success of Stealers Wheel, particularly with their hit "Stuck in the Middle With You," is a testament to his impact on the music scene.

Adding someone with Rod Coombes' background to Lady and the Dukes undoubtedly enriches the group's sound and brings a historical depth to their performances. His drumming expertise and wealth of experience make him a valuable asset to the band, and it's clear that Lady and the Dukes are proud to have him as part of their lineup.

Lewis Harding

With his experience performing in various venues and with a diverse range of acts, brings a wealth of musical background to Lady and the Dukes. His extensive resume, from Wembley Stadium to BBC's Maida Vale Studios, showcases his versatility and ability to adapt to different musical settings.

The fact that Lewis has supported well-known acts such as Katie Melua, The Wailers, Neville Staples, The Beat, The Specials, Craig Charles, and Brother Culture is a testament to his talent and credibility in the music industry. Additionally, his participation in festivals like Carfest, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Lounge On the Farm, Green Belt, and Blues on the Farm suggests a wide-ranging appeal and ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Matt "Earl" Gray, bass player,  has a background in house and dance music. His versatility and musical flair making him one of the most talented bass players from the South Coast. Matt Studied at the Goldsmiths School of Music and like the other folk in    the band is an original composer in his own right. Matt  always brings a fusion of musical styles, showcasing his ability to bring a unique flavour to Lady and the Dukes' performances.

Rob "The Duke" Henderson 

The pianist for Lady and the Dukes, brings a rich musical background and a significant amount of experience to the group. Crafting and playing his own music for over 20 years indicates a strong commitment to his craft and a deep understanding of musical composition. He has been part of various musical projects and his personality and musical expertise play a significant role in shaping the overall character of Lady and the Dukes' sound.

What a night, what a band!  Your energy is infectious which meant everybody was up on the dance floor. All the guests are crazy about you guys, thank you for a night to remember - Lizi

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